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I am not going to lie, 2016 was a really chaotic year for me. From the beginning of January when until now feels more like 3 years rather than one but then again that isn’t really news since it is has been like that every year in the past years haha. But especially 2016 has been a year of really big things – including the end and start of very important pieces in my life.

Usually I am going through the months in a chronological way but thanks to the many different departments I was involved in this year I will pick the highlights from the categories instead.


The main focus of my first half of the year, reaching up until end of September was my Bachelor collection. My third year at ESMOD Berlin required me to build up an entire collection consisting of 5 outfits from scratch. Conception, sketching, fabric shopping and designing textiles of my own, making sewing patterns, sewing samples over and over and sometimes over again until at some point the actual work would start: making the original garments. I spend days and many nights in my little atelier called my apartment to create a colorful playful collection surrounding the topic “Sushi”. For a person like me who loves to jump from project to project and would love to transform a new project every month it was honestly really hard to focus on this one topic for almost a whole year. Naturally there were good moments but also bad and I want to thank everyone who has been at my side throughout the months. Especially my dear professors Bernadett and Ramiro for leading me and kicking ass when needed, my mum for helping me everywhere she could (even if it was just cleaning my kitchen which was a mess this year way too often…), my best friends Lida and Lisa for listening to my occasional whining how much I hate sewing, my collection, oh and maybe my whole life? You get my point it got very exhausting to sew and sew and sew haha. Funniest and worst story of it all: on one night I even sewed into my finger. Yup the needle of my machine went completely through my finger nail and thanks to an injection that numbed my arm for several days I was at dance training moving only one arm… yup funny times 🙂

But in the end after shooting the lookbook, video and then finally presenting all the work in front of a jury, I ended the whole project with a collection that I can be absolutely proud of.

The Sushi Collection Lookbook starring amazing Ajsa Selim, photographed by Jakob&Hannah <3


2016 was yet another exciting year in terms of my styling assistance for boss girl Dana Roski. You think after 3 and a half years things would get boring? No way, every year the bigger the better and I love evolving together with each job that I assist Dana. The hashtag #lovemyjob can even be applied on the worst days ever and that must mean a lot. And recently sweet girl Almi joined the team and I can’t wait to rock 2017 with both these inspiring girls and of course the best clients imaginable 😉

Above the white suit I self-made for my favorite Lena! Still can’t believe that my work was on stage at the finale of The Voice Kids Germany worn by such an amazing person! Lena is not only pretty but also has such a beautiful soul which makes this moment even more special. Hoping for many more jobs with this one-of-a-kind!


Another assistance job that will always be remembered was the one for singer Helene Fischer at Schlagerboom in October. A lot of things went terribly and unluckily wrong – ordered shoes wouldn’t arrive, or there would be two left shoes and so on, afterwards I couldn’t look at a single black shoe for a while hahaha. But there was one single beautiful fact coming with the job – I got to work with dancers styling wise for a performance. As dance is my second passion next to fashion this means a lot. On top everyone of them were such nice and life loving minds, just being around them inspired me so much! And damn their capabilities to move…if I wouldn’t have had to cope with thousands of problems and tasks at the time, I would have probably just stood around them staring with my mouth open. Sending love over to L.A. or wherever you guys might be at right now!!


dancer girls Kaycie, Paige, Kelsy, Pauline (pic from here insta), Kayla and Britney

Last stop on the styling assistance this year for me was in Barcelona with lovely Yvonne Catterfeld for the artwork of her new album. We spent two days at the most magical places  of the city. Also I am absolutely grateful to be able to work with such a wonderful down-to-earth power woman such as Yvonne.


let’s appreciate this beautiful woman for a moment 😉


If you came reading this far, you already know that it was a crazy busy year for me. Therefore I didn’t do any major special blog projects and rather just kept you updated on my doings and posted outfits. When I think of blogging in 2016, I would like to think back to summer fashion week which I spent partly with my babe Nessie. Loved out twinning outfits for the last day.


2016 turned out to be quite a year of traveling despite the fact that there was seemingly no time for it at all. On my list Dortmund and Munich – two German cities that I have been to but never got the chance to discover before. And Barcelona and Milan – two European cities I have never been to before. I always love experiencing new places but especially Barcelona is a place that I will definitely return to next year (although thanks to the styling assistance job with Yvonne Catterfeld, I was there twice this year already). Although Milan with all it’s crazy amazing patisseries warmed my heart aswell. Considerable as a place to live in a time in life where I want to get fat… 😛

memory from Barcelona

Originally I booked the Munich trip with my friend Celestina to go to the Selena Gomez Revival Tour concert but since it was cancelled we went to the theatre and did sight seeing instead. Funny story we took the earliest flight and spend the whole day walking around the city that we were too exhausted to enjoy the theatre play… I had a hard time to stay awake (I still feel so freakin bad about this since the play was actually really good and I loved the main actress!) and Celestina ended up with some stomach flu. Now imagine we would have been at the Selena Gomez concert, possibly front row and she would have puked onto the stage XD

I won’t review any Milan pictures at this point because the whole Milan Travel Diary is still coming up right at the start of 2017!


Some of my classmates at university ask me how I managed to work on the collection, work part-time and do sports?? Well, if you love your sport, there is no option of leaving it out. And I definitely love dancing!



This year I danced in a video for DCCM which covers famous pop songs in a metal version. Sounds crazy, is crazy but also pretty awesome! Watch the video featuring me here.

Berlin, April 2016. The dance crew Code Black is born and I am part of it. I don’t know where to start on telling you how important this crazy bunch became in my life in the past few months. We became more like a family in such a short time. My life with so many schedules every week and new people coming into my life and disappearing just as fast needs one part that is set like a rock. A place and time I can count on and where I can simply be myself and be with people I love. And that is Code Black. I am so thankful to be part of this group, I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through this year without them and dancing keeping me sane. 2016 was a great start and I can’t wait to make more amazing and funny memories with my team!



Uff, so that was a lot. I covered all the major parts of 2016 and still I am not done. There is still one special things that happened.


One crazy thing. You know, these raffle contest where you can win a freakishly awesome price but thousands of people participate so you think you won’t have a chance ever? Well, Celestina won tickets to the Justin Bieber concert in Berlin and a night stay in the beautiful Pentahotel in Berlin-Köpenick. So we spend an incredible night watching the show from one of those VIP boxes, eating fancy dinner and snacks throughout the concert and had amazing breakfast at the river after a good night sleep in the 4-star-hotel. Major thanks to Sascha from Pentahotel for the unforgettable experience!


Woop woop what a year. Sometimes I can’t believe this is actually my life, I am so blessed with the people around me and everything that is happening. Don’t get me wrong, these are of course only the good things of 2016 – there was a lot of shit, too. But I prefer to look on the bright side. Now 2017 is only a few hours away and I am looking forward to a new year full of excitement. I wonder where I will stand at the end of it. There are so many different plans but usually I end up in a completely different situation anyway so let’s see where the year will take me. I will let you know about every step of the way 😉

At last, thanks for reading!! This post until the very end and in general. It means so much to me. I know I don’t have thousands of readers here but I know that there are some of you who genuinely want to know what I am doing and that is huge. So I will keep you posted, whether you are 5, 10, 50, 100 or 500 – I love you <3

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