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Since I started studying fashion almost three years ago and since I started working at Wald and as a stylist, I am learning to deal with clothes in a way deeper way than I used to. I learnt to appreciate the differences that good fabrics can make, how clothes can shape us and improve the overall happiness in our lives.

What I am recently exploring is the effect of nice loungewear. In the past years I would style myself when I go out of the house, to events or special occasions. But as soon as I arrived at home I would put on the slouchy grey sweatpants that I own since years and which looks just so ridiculously ugly that I would never want anyone to see me in. Combined with a similarly old shirt that grew too old to wear it outside… Just like my clothes I felt worn out and limp most of the time – my bed being my favorite place in the world.

As a blogger, freelance stylist and also fashion student I have to work a lot from home. Feeling floppy and unmotivated is basically unacceptable for effective working. The problem was I wasn’t in sync with myself.

feeling pretty = feeling self confident = feeling happy = feeling motivated

To motivate myself I had to go back to the beginning of the feel-chain and, well, for starters throw everything out that would make me feel ashamed in front of other people (or even myself in the mirror). Still I am a true believer in comfortable clothes, so I invested in a few cool clim cut sweat pants in happy colors and matching tops along. I created home outfits for myself that I could imagine at the slumber party of a stylish chick flick and it changed my home working ethic from the core. I don’t have to hide under my sheets anymore and simply feel so much better about myself.

To celebrate my new gained consciousness I created this little pictorial editorial for you. I hope you like it and are able to implement my experience into your life as well. Leave comments, if you had similar problems – I would love to hear your stories.


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