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A few weeks ago I granted myself my first beach holidays since forever to Side, Turkey. Away from everything concerning work, with my best friend, almost without my mobile (ok, somehow I needed the 10 minutes a day to be able to fully relax) but equipped with my camera. In my months without blogging, I almost didn’t use it and so getting back to some photography was a happy experience.

Maybe an experience that strongly triggered the wish to start blogging again.

We actually took random photos of each other throughout the entire trip. Some of them ended up pretty amazing (speaking some hot beach shots) but these turned out to form a nice outfit post. Side is a humble small coast town in Turkey with a lot of beautiful antique buildings (e.g. the Antik Tiyatro in the pictures). For the discovering-day I chose to wear my Palladium Boots for comfortable hiking sceneries, a cap – super important as protection from sunstroke! – which is at the same time a nice color highlight to my white look. Red lips, fine jewelry and a backpack containing all the essentials for a road day.

Take me back to Turkey please !

cap – Caylor & Sons
shirt – Anh Dinh
shorts – MLM the Label
boots – Palladium
jewelry – Malaikaraiss, Fashionology.nl, Mantraband





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