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Add some ultraviolet to your life!

Ultraviolet is the color of the year 2018 according to Pantone. In the last post (here) we learnt that violet with violet create super cool and trendy but harmonious looks. In this post I am wearing the same ultraviolet shirt with a contrasting orange shorts. It creates a vibrant, fun and sophisticated look. Perfect for the ones of you who embrace colors. By combining violet with a strong warm color, nobody will be able to ignore your gorgeousness.

Intrigued by violet? I collected the top items that are currently available online. From low price to some amazing luxury investment pieces that make my eyes go bling.

As always simply click on the images of the items you like and you will get directly forwarded to the corresponding online shop where you can order your favored piece or simply save it for later.

Happy Shopping!

Top 5 

Luxury Selection (In case you really really love violet)

Not Enough? Here is more

For your information, this post is set up with affiliate links. That means when you shop, I will get a little money as well. Help little Anhi make some money to buy food hihi.

Just kidding, I am grateful for any support though. I mean, mainly you will be treating yourself 😉

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