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“At chök we love chocolate. Who doesn’t?” Very good question. Chök Barcelona made it their mission to choco-fy the world – well Barcelona at least.

I discovered chök randomly on my first trip to Barcelona and went back each time I have been to the city since. Both their stores are situated between 1 and 3 minutes from La Rambla and so I stumbled over one of them during sight seeing. The small store window was filled with many chocolaty desserts, many of them topped with colorful creams and sprinkles. They looked so precious and carefully prepared that I decided to go in and treat myself with a “Berlina” with chocolate glaze, marmelade filling, blue berry cream frosting and raspberry on top. Their signature gourmet donut is made with less sugar, less fat & shorter frying time – making them lighter, softer and also healthier. One of the best desserts I ever tasted! (and as you know, that must mean something)

Chök Barcelona’s offer reaches from hand crafted packed fancy chocolate bars over truffles and cookies to Krönuts and other chocolaty creations. Their kitchen is a place of passion and love for experimenting which they at times even open up for cooking workshops. Ever wanted to know how you make amazing tuna casserole with chocolate or a chocolate omelette? Chök – the chocolate kitchen is the place!


c/ del Carme, 3
08001, Barcelona


c/ Ramelleres, 26
08001, Barcelona

Monday to Sunday
9 am – 9 pm


photography by Adriana Castello

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