:: Traveling to Mallorca – A photogenic walk through Palma, Cala D’Or and Felanitx

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Growing up Mallorca was quite a controversial travel destination for me. I went there on several family holiday trips between the ages of 8-12 and it always had two sides to it. One was the luxury to be at the beach and enjoy the turquoise ocean in tropical temperatures and the other side was spending time at an all-inclusive hotel resort all day, lying around and relaxing (maybe joining in on some club activities but I used to be too shy for that haha).

To be honest, my adventurous heart was always quite bored of these. Last year I have found myself thinking of how many times I have been in Mallorca without knowing anything at all about the island and it’s landscape (which is absolutely stunning). Friends posted pictures gushing over it and from my experience I just couldn’t understand. So while I was already in Spain, I took the chance together with a few girl friends to hop over and for the first time discover Mallorca.


15 minutes from the airport we find ourselves in Palma, the islands capital. It’s the end of October so the main tourism season is already over. It’s quite calm but you can still sense a strong energetic atmosphere lingering in the streets. It is a happy atmosphere with some traditional sights among the cathedral area and old quarter. We stop for cake and coffee at Mariola’s Bakery – a heaven for sugar loving foodies. They have a huge selection of colorful shakes and drinks with cream, cakes, cookies, desserts and a sweet kitsch decoration both indoor and outdoor. Such a lovely place! We would return on our last day for their simple but satisfying breakfast offer.

We continue our little walking tour and buy name necklaces off merchants on the street as souvenirs. Soon we find ourselves in the shopping streets and stumble on one particular little shop that stands out: Folklorious. Here you find unique accessories and clothing pieces with personality. The products are sophisticated but quirky – Styling By Anh approves!

(> read more about Folklorious in this post)

Carrer dels Horts, 4
07003 Palma

Mariola’s Bakery
Carrer dels Set Cantons, 6
07001 Palma


Cala D’Or

Our apartment hotel is situated at the West coast of Mallorca – in Cala D’Or. A relatively new built area that looks absolutely modern and instagrammable with it’s all white architecture. I suggest you to wander around freely and off the main roads and trails. We found some amazing rocks to climb from which you can enjoy amazing sunsets.

We stayed at the Aparthotel Cala D’Or Playa and rented one studio for 4 girls and payed very little for a big apartment with terrace and super friendly service and 10 minutes walk to the beach and town center. I would absolutely come back to stay here.

Apartamentos Cala D’Or
Av. Punta Grossa, 1
07660 Cala D’or


A third town that I would like to introduce you to is Felanitx. We only made a little stop here since it was raining most of the day but still I personally fell in love with its colorful houses and lovely streets. Oh how I wish I could live in a neighborhood that looks like this! You will most likely pass the town anyway if you take the car from Palma to Cala D’Or and why not stop for a little inspiring walk?

I am very happy that I threw my prejudice overboard and got to discover these beautiful corners of Mallorca. From what I have seen driving by car, there are so many more to discover. Therefore these recommendations are naturally only the ones that I can whole heartedly share with you but the island has probably so much more to offer. Do you know any great places there? Where should I go next time? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your Mallorca travel tips!

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