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The explorer footwear brand Palladium collaborated with UK designer Christopher Raeburn for their Spring-Summer 2018 collection. One of three product lines is the Pampa Relaeyer which especially caught my eye when browsing through some lookbooks for the upcoming season.
It is a shoe with a lot of personality in design and environment conscious in production.

The design combines the adventurous lifestyle of Palladium with futuristic and sporty elements. I love wearing Palladium shoes for dancing because of their strong attitude, comfort and sturdiness. I believe the right shoes, put you in the right vibe – which absolutely works with Palladium shoes. I always feel like the coolest laid-back person ever. Moreover thanks to the company’s focus on functionality, the shoe is quite flexible despite its looks. The Pampa Relaeyer is available in black, olive and white – each of them with a neon orange lash detail at the back and white “sprinkles” on the recycled rubber material that match the bold and rough appearance of the unisex shoe.

Depending on the model, parts of the outer shoe are made 10-30% out of recycled PET. A few more technological gimmicks can be found in the material of the inner sock that can be either made out of waterproof or airflow knit material – 100% recycled.

One of my favorite discoveries for this season and refreshingly not from on of the major sports & sneaker brands.

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